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Hey everybody, sorry I’ve been so quiet on the blog (and facebook) lately, I’ve been working really hard to prep for the class that I’m going to be teaching starting in Feb.  I have good news on that front though, the first section of the text that I’m writing for the class is complete!

Now, I have a great opportunity for you, the devoted reader to our blog.  You have the chance to learn all about multimedia design, starting with photo editing…for free!  The first two sections (an introduction and the section on photo editing) are available on my website, just click here to check it out.

If you’ve ever wanted to help teach valuable skills that will help people get a leg up on poverty, here’s your chance…and you don’t even have to leave your house (you could come to Bolivia if you want though).  I’m looking for people to read through the material and give me any feedback they have so I can incorporate it.  I’m going to start the translation of this section to Spanish at the beginning of January, so if you have a couple free hours after Christmas, check it out.

Remember, this is a chance for you to help the less fortunate and learn how to make all your digital photos look good all in one, talk about win-win!

Again, the web site is:
please e-mail me any feedback you have, my address is

Also, thank you very much to everyone who has made donations to building a computer lab we will be using to teach this course.  We’re well over half-way to reaching our goal, so if the donations keep up things will be looking good for February!   (If you’ve been meaning to make a donation and keep forgetting, don’t wait any longer…get the details from the other post.)

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