We’ve got computers!

Thanks to all the generous people who donated towards the project, we now have a brand new computer lab up and running!

Over the last couple weeks, Henry, the nephew of one of the sisters I work with, and I purchased, assembled (from parts), and installed software on 16 brand new computers (14 students, one teacher, and a server). It was a lot of work, but now they are all set for the students to start class next week.

I still have quite a lot of work to go getting the material for the course completed, but that doesn’t all have to be done the first day. I specifically only have one section for the first semester (Feb-June), so I will have time to finish up the text and plans.

I’m still looking for feedback on them, if you can spare an hour and want to learn about photo editing (for free!), the first two sections (Introduction and Photos) are up online.

I took a couple pictures and made a short movie of the classroom. There will be lots more once the students get here.

One of the computers in operation.

The computers sitting ready for use.

The Video:

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2 thoughts on “We’ve got computers!

    • Oh my gosh, yes. This is definitely the dustiest place I have ever lived. Many mornings I’ll wake up and have to dust off my laptop before using it.
      Its been better this month (as its the rainy season), but Oct-Dec were really bad.

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