Quick Pig Story

So this last weekend Laura and I decided to make a short getaway before school gets going this week. (first students come tomorrow!)  We headed about an hour west of Montero to the scenic town of Buena Vista to spend a night at the Amboro Eco Resort (so called because during the non-rainy season they have tours that go into Amboro national park).  The big draw for us was that this place has a pretty good swimming pool, and we haven’t been swimming since last August, despite the fact that we’ve been living in perpetual summer.

So we got there at about 8:15, and saw (to our somewhat suprise) that the pool was lit up, so why wait…after quickly changing in our room we jumped right in!  It was great, very refreshing, and actually a pretty nice resort pool.  There was a small bar on an island in the middle of it, and a waterway stretching around that we could swim through. But mostly we sat around and were enjoying the stars.

After about an hour, we were thinking it might be time to get up and go, when we look up to see a peccary (a type of wild pig) has walked right up to the edge of the pool, in the middle of the resort!  We got set to quickly get out of the opposite edge if it decided to jump in, but it didn’t.  We were able to watch it for a few more minutes as it moseyed around on the pool deck, at one point digging through a purse that had been there, and apparently not finding any food in it.  Then after a few minutes, it just wandered away.

Sadly, we didn’t have a camera with us, I know a picture of this would have been a great addition to this story.  Needless to say, it was quite surprising, but hey, this is bolivia, you never know what you’re going to run into.

In lieu of a picture of the pig, here’s a picture of some horses by the pool the next morning.

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