Cold Snap!

So being the southern hemisphere, winter is starting. We finally (after having been melting for the last seven months) got our first big cold front that came up from Argentina over the weekend.

The results were pretty crazy; everyone had their wool stocking caps, big winter jackets, and I even saw some people with gloves on. Basically doing everything they could to keep warm.  When we left for church this morning the temperature was….wait for it….58 F!  Honestly I was comfortable in my long sleeve shirt and long pants (which I haven’t worn since christmas), but I just thought that after months of them laughing at me for how much I sweat here that it was funny to see them a bit out of their element.

Sadly, the temperatures are supposed to go back up into the 70s tomorrow and 80s by the middle of the week, so the great (cool) weather won’t be holding on for too long.

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