Irish meets Bolivian

This is the conversation I had today with one of my Kindergarten students. It was precious.

Oliver: Profesora Laura why is your face pink?
Me: When I’m out in the sun, the sun makes my skin pink.
Oliver: No…when I go out in the sun I only get brown.

::putting our hands side-by-side::

Me: Well look, our skin is different.
Oliver: No that’s just what happens when you scrub the dirt off really hard.
Me: ::trying to understand:: So maybe my face is pink because I scrubbed it really hard? Maybe, Oliver, maybe.
:) I love that kid.

Sometimes the children at the Guarderia stroke my arm and say “How did you get so clean?”

Oliver Addendum from Aug. 10th:  He’s playing with his toy airplane at Kinder and comes and sits down next to me.

Oliver: Profesora Laura what are these?  ::pointing to the freckles on my arm::

Me: Those come from the sun, when I’m out in the sun they appear.  (I can never remember the word for freckle here)

Oliver: Well you probably just need to wash yourself with a brush and scrub really hard.  Sometimes you even have to use a plate scrubber (referring to the sponges with brillo pads).  That’s what my mom says to do.

Me:  Ok, Oliver maybe I’ll do that.

One thought on “Irish meets Bolivian

  1. Very cute. Think about the missionaries in the days before sunscreen! Although you probably just stay in the shade as much as you can!

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