A tribute to fallen mangos

So over the last two weeks our high temperatures have gone from 95 down to 56 and back up to 95 again!  (Keep in mind we don’t have heating or A/C) These rapid swings in temperature have come with the biggest wind storms we’ve seen since being in Bolivia.  Last week, after the first blast of cold air came blowing up from Argentina, Laura and I were walking through the courtyard of the convent when we noticed something awful.

All the baby mangos that had been growing on the mango trees (due to ripen in October) had blown off! Oh the humanity!!!

(click the images for high-res)

I think that means there aren’t going to be many mangos around this year :-(

We also had lots of trash that blew in to our field and piled up behind the Institute building and piles of sand that blew in from places too.

So next time you’re walking through your grocery store and looking at all the fruit, stop for a moment to pay your respects to all their fallen comrades that were lost along the way.

6 thoughts on “A tribute to fallen mangos

  1. Here in Central America we eat green mangos – usually with salt and chili powder, and – I think – a bit of lemon juice. It’s a big treat here. So eat up the green mangoes even though you might not have ripe ones in October.

    • That’s really interesting John because we’ve been told here that green mangoes cause stomach aches (which I already have enough of). The girls at the Hogar always climb way up in the trees as soon as the mangoes start appearing such that there are never any actually left by the time they should be ripening. Usually after 3 or 4 they start complaining of stomach aches and get yelled at for eating the mangoes. I wonder if our mangoes are different? Or if it’s a quantity issue?

  2. There must have been a lot of damage to other crops meaning lean months coming up for the farmers.
    Too bad!
    Relax with your 95 degrees (although humid). We were at Lucas Slabinski’s one year b.d. party today and his uncle Adrian said it was to be 115 in Phoenix today; expected, but still extreme.

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