Table Ride

Here’s a quick, fun story for you.

Today we celebrated the anniversary of our neighborhood (Villa Cochabamba, in the city of Montero), so the teachers from the Institute and Kinder went and paraded by the main square (more on this in another post…?).  Anyway, afterwards the sister who runs both the Institute and Kinder (Sister Clara) took all the teachers out to lunch.  When we got to the restaurant, there weren’t any empty tables.  Luckily there was a stack of chairs and a spot under a tree in the courtyard.  So we all grabbed a chair and set up a circle and waited for our food.  I was assuming that we’d just take our plates and eat in our laps when out of the front door of the restaurant, I see a station wagon driving up and stopping with a large wooden table strapped to its roof.  I just assumed that someone had bought a table in the market and was taking it home (strapping large objects to the roof of a car isn’t uncommon here).  I jokingly said to Laura “wouldn’t it be funny if they were bringing us a table, if they were I’d definitely have to write about this on the blog.”  Then much to my amazement, a couple boys came in to the restaurant carrying the table, walked it over to our group, and set it down right in the middle of our circle! This wasn’t a small little folding table either, this was a big table, enough for 16 to eat around, and built out of solid wood too.

The only thing that I can think of is that when our group entered, the proprietor of the restaurant called up someone nearby with a table and said “Send it over, we’ve got a big group with nowhere to sit”…and low and behold it arrived.

Just another day in Bolivia.

P.S. Sorry there are no pictures…Laura went to take one but didn’t get it in time.

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