Primavera (Spring)

So it’s officially Spring here in Montero.  It is warmer (mid 90′s daily) and there are some new flowers springing up.  For example, spring is orchid season.  Bolivia has hundreds of native species of orchids.  The sisters have some growing in their front garden.

And we also made a special trip last weekend to Guembe Eco Resort to see their orchids, butterflies, birds and most beautiful, swimming pools!

At the Kinder, things are quickly approaching anarchy as the kids can feel how close summer vacation is.  I can’t believe it but next week is my last week of computer classes with them!   Thursday I have my big Expo where I show off to the parents what the kids have learned all year, say a prayer for me that all the kids behave and I have exceptional listening comprehension that day!

Last week we had our “Feria Pedagogica” at the Kinder where each class does a presentation on our theme for the year.  This year our theme was plants, so the kids got dressed up as trees, flowers, vegetables and each had assigned lines to say in the microphone.  It was seriously cute.  We heard “I am a carrot!” screamed into the microphone or “I am a root.  I bring water to the plant” mumbled by an adorable little girl.

Some carrots were more enthusiastic than others….

At the Institute we finish classes Nov. 18th so I’m having the classic “oh no we’ll never finish all the chapters in time, teacher freak-out” but I can definitely see improvement in the English-speaking abilities of my students so I feel like we’ve certainly made progress, whether I get through chapter 9 or not.  There has been lots of interest shown in English classes for next year so I’m hoping to have two sections again starting in February.  People keep asking us when we’re leaving, as they’re most accustomed to volunteers only staying 6 months-1 year.  It makes me feel good though to be able to say that we’ll be here the next school year.  In so many ways we are just getting started with our work here; relationships started this year can be deepened over the next year.   I’m only just now really being able to respond to need I see, versus pressing my un-requested cultural values on people.   Although I’m excited out of my mind for our trip home to the U.S. in November, I’m also happy we’re coming back because I’m not done with Bolivia and I don’t think it’s done with us yet either.

3 thoughts on “Primavera (Spring)

  1. That is a very…wilty carrot. The kids definitely look like they want a school break.

    Love the toucan, too. Can’t wait to see you in December. :)

  2. Keep it up guys! I love the fact that you’re staying 2 full years–it’ll allow you to make such deeper relationships with the people you’re serving. Kudos to you.

    And those kids in their plant costumes are just absolutely adorable!

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