Class Update

I just wanted to send out a short update on how my classes are going this semester.  The bad news is that I’ve lost several of my students over the course of the semester.  I started with one class nearly full with 12 students and another with 8 students.  Sadly those classes have dwindled to 7 and 5.
Its not all bad news though, the students that remain are doing great!  Over the last few months we’ve made it through the Photo Editing and Graphic Design units, and the students have been doing great.

Here’s one student’s final project for the Graphic Design unit. He had created an imaginary bottled water company and had this advertisement for it:

After those we had the unit on Audio editing. Here’s some pictures of the students recording and editing their podcast episodes.

We just wrapped up the audio section a few days ago, and now we’re getting into the unit on video editing.  Graduation is coming up in month, so hopefully I’ll have more updates (and videos!) by then.

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