A post (from the future?)


So we’re very sorry for anyone who came running to our blog the moment they got the address only to find….nothing.  We’re not actually leaving for Bolivia until Sept 18th, so the little blurb at the top saying “We’re currently volunteering in Montero, Bolivia” is actually from the future, and I can time travel (don’t ask how though, its a secret).

For those who didn’t get a 2-page e-mail from us explaining what’s up, that probably means we don’t have your e-mail address.  I’ve put the big explanation into a separate page here.

Also, for those with questions about how the e-mail subscriptions work, you only get an e-mail when we write a post that is written in the “Major Announcements” category, which we’ll try to do a bit less than once a month.  This post is not one of those, as it is in the “Uncategorized” category.  See the “Subscribing” page for more details.

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