The Lighter Side

So I’ve been meaning to put together a post about “Only in Bolivia: The things Tom and Laura say that are ridiculous outside of this context.”  Unfortunately I always forget them by the time I get to my computer.  But I caught one tonight to share with you:

::The conversation is about a bag full of 20 centavo coins the Sisters gave us because we bring them to mass to teach the Hogar girls to put money in the collection.  But we didn’t need more because we already had a big bag.  Also, 20 centavos is basically as worthless as a penny.::

Tom: What are we going to go do with all these 20 centavo coins?

Laura:  Give them to the Hogar volunteers to use.

Tom: Why don’t we just give them back to the Sisters?

Laura: What are they going to do with them?

Tom (exasperated): Why don’t they just take them to bank or something?  Or buy a chicken?

lol and then I was just imagining someone carrying a bag of pennies off to buy a chicken, since that’s obviously what you do with bags of pennies.   Tom insists it was a joke, a sarcastic remark about how much they eat chicken here.  Either way, only in Bolivia.

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