We’re in Bolivia!

We’ve made it to Bolivia! (Safe and sound)

Yesterday we flew overnight from Miami to La Paz, were we first saw the andes.

Then on our flight from La Paz to Santa Cruz we saw them even better:

Flying in to Santa Cruz, we got to see a bit of the countryside. When we get to Montero, we’ll actually be working in a city (>100,000 people), but it was interesting to see what the nearby countryside looked like.

When we landed in Santa Cruz, we met with two of the sisters we’ll be working with in Montero, Sr. Anna and Sr. Clara. We got to sit around with them for a few hours and eat some pastries for brunch. We left them with some of our luggage, then we got on another airplane to head up to Sucre for our language school.

We landed in Sucre after a 35min plane ride (it would have been an 8hr bus ride though, because of the Andes) and met Omar who runs the language school. He drove us into town, and to the family that we’ll be staying with for the next four weeks. The house is very nice and on a bit of a hill so we have a pretty good view of around the neighborhood.

We were on our own for dinner that night, so we went down to a plaza that was having an art fair, and we bought some fried balls about the size of a baseball. We weren’t sure what they were at first, we were debating between doughnut-like and something potato based, they turned out to be fried potatoes with a hard-boiled egg in the middle. They were pretty tasty :-) On the way back we found a church that had a 7:30pm mass, which was great because we hadn’t been able to go to church as we were in transit all morning. I didn’t understand a ton of it (Laura was better), but it was a good time to reflect on the trip so far.

For the next four weeks, we’ll be at the immersive language school in Sucre, learning spanish. Then its off to Montero to start the work.

4 thoughts on “We’re in Bolivia!

  1. Tom and Laura,
    Glad to hear you are settling in. ¬°Que Dios les bendiga! Enjoy your time learning Spanish and remember what I think is the clue into learning a language and speaking it: “Don’t be afraid to make a mistake.”
    Peace and prayers

  2. We were just wondering about you this past week and are certainly glad to hear you made it to your destination in good order.

    Vaya con Dios

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