Curse continues

Tom and I naively thought we were going to be able to avoid our awful poison ivy allergy for two whole years by coming to South America.  (Note: not the only reason we came)  This has backfired in a most unfortunate way.  Turns out mangoes are in the same plant family as poison ivy and poison oak and contain the same irritant in their sap!  Curse you world!   Not only are they extremely delicious, and probably my favorite fruit, but they’re in season right now and all over the place!   The good news however is that I have probably found an explanation for the itchy/burning weird rash I’ve had on my mouth and face for the last week and a half (which was starting to show up on other parts of my body also- just like poison ivy!).   No more mangoes for awhile :( .

One thought on “Curse continues

  1. Crazy! I had no idea they were related. I wonder how that works evolutionarily? It is sad that such a good fruit could take on the evil persona of poison ivy!

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