We are volunteering in Montero, Bolivia, with Sacred Heart Sisters at the Hogar Sagrado Corazon.

Our history:
We met in college at Iowa State University, after a few years of dating got married in December of 2007.  After living and working in St. Louis for a couple years, we decided to do something different with our lives.  So we started looking for a place to volunteer in Latin America (so we could work on our Spanish too).  We eventually settled on working with the Salesians and after a couple weeks of training and getting everything set, we headed off to start our journey.  Check out the blog to find out what happens next ;-)

Contact Info:
Tom: teeks99@yahoo.com
Laura: laurakent07@gmail.com
Phone: 314-266-8359
Skype: teeks99 and laurakent07
Hogar Sagrado Corazon
Casilla #4
Montero, Santa Cruz

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