Thanks to the amazing support from our family and friends, we’ve reached our goal of building a new computer lab (Jan. 2011) that is capable of teaching the new Introduction to Multimedia course.

However, there are many more things here that are sorely needed to improve the experience for the students at the Pre-School, Kindergarten, Institute and the girls at the orphanage.  If you would like to help us purchase educational resources for these organizations, we will be sure that your money goes towards a very worthwhile cause.  Or, if you have a specific item or project in mind please let us know when you donate.

Examples of items in short supply: books to teach literacy, large books that can be read to a whole classroom, duplos/legos (in Laura’s Kinder class each child gets 4-6 legos…yipee), large plastic connecting blocks- stimulate creativity but easy to clean, playground equipment for the preschool, new “old” computers for the Kinder, floppy disks that still work.

Note:  Please do NOT send items by mail.  With the shipping costs and unpredictability of our mail service as well as the fact that we have to pay (sometimes a lot) to pick up packages, it is not an effective way to get things down here.  It’s better to buy locally and support local merchants.  We may also take advantage of luggage space when people come to visit us, as some items are not available here.

There are three options for sending us donations, you can send a check made out to Thomas Kent to my parent’s house:
Thomas Kent
Bolivia Operations
10342 Colorado Rd.
Bloomington, MN 55438

You can click our pay-pal button:

Or, if you would like your donation to be tax deductible, you can send it through our 501(c)(3) volunteer organization.  Be sure to put Thomas and Laura Kent – Boliva in the memo-line on the check and please send us an e-mail ( at the same time so that we can make sure your donation gets routed correctly.

Sister Servants of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
attn: Bolivia Mission – Montero Computers
866 Cambria St.
Cresson, PA 16630-1713

Federal ID # : 75-236-912

2 thoughts on “Donations

  1. As a former member of the Catholic Newman Center at UM-St.Louis (and resident of Bel-Nor), I received the Summer 2012 issue of Newman News and enjoyed the article highlighting your work in Bolivia. I have just started reading your blog. I teach part-time Spanish K-8 at a Catholic school, and am hoping to share your blog with the students. Is there a particular “article” that you are especially proud to have written that touches on a social justice issue you feel grade schoolers could relate to? I know you are wrapping up your time in Bolivia, but would you welcome correspondence from my foreign language class in order to practice their Spanish? Thank you!

  2. My students would like to send you supplies. Is there anyone going to and from who can carry? I understand the shipping issues. They would like to send small items like pencils, notebooks, hair stuff, crayons, large legos, socks, markers, erasers. Let us know please.

    Your cousin Peggy in Iowa

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