There are several ways you can subscribe to our blog, so you can hear about what we’re up to in bolivia.

The recommended, but somewhat more complicated way is to use an RSS reader that will automatically check our blog and see when we have put up a new post. (See further down the page for details)

The less complicated way to keep in touch, is to subscribe by e-mail to our blog.  You won’t get all the posts, but you’ll get the big, important ones.  Just put your e-mail address in the box to the right, under the title Subscribe2 and hit the subscribe button.  If you have problems with that, you can always e-mail me ( and I’ll manually add you to the list of subscribers.

RSS Readers

There are three RSS readers that I personally recommend you pick one of (if you already have one, that will work fine, skip down to the feeds):

  • Google Reader – Very popular and very easy to use.
  • My Yahoo! – This was built for getting news, buy you can add any RSS feed to it.
  • RSS Owl – This is a program that you install on your PC and leave running in the background.

RSS Feeds

Once you have your RSS reader setup, you need to supply it with the address of a RSS “feed”.  Think of this like a TV channel coupled with a TiVo, whenever there is a show on (or in this case a post on the blog), it automatically gets broadcast to your TiVo/RSS reader and saved for looking at later.

We have several feeds that are available:

  • All posts – This might include some stuff that isn’t directly about our experiences in Bolivia.
  • Bolivia – All the posts about Bolivia
  • Major Announcements – This is the bigger, better posts (that also go out to the e-mail lists).  We’ll try to limit this to once a month.
  • Social Justice – Stuff that we care about, but isn’t necessarily associated with Bolivia.
  • Laura – Only the stuff written by Laura…she’s cooler anyway.
  • Tom – Only the stuff written by Tom…so witty.

Just right click on one of the links above, and copy the link.  Then go to your RSS reader, create a new feed, and paste the link into the feed URL.

If something isn’t working, let me know ( or write a comment below) and I’d be happy to help.

7 thoughts on “Subscribing

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  2. Woohoo!! I can’t wait to hear about your adventures! Good luck the two of you! Perhaps one day Josh and I will join your social justice work, only in the healthcare field. ;) Vayan con Dios!

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  4. Enjoy your blog . I am currently in thr Yungas teaching English at Universidad Catolica Campesina. I plan to come to Montero -Santa Cruz in early February.

    Iwill be doing volunteer work with Consejo Andean Rural Health at the hospital in Montero and teaching English to cover expenses in Santa Cruz.

    I would love to hear more about your work and the area.


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