Montero: Thurs-Sat.


Laura does not feel right. Nausea, diarrhea, oh boy, but we have to get back to Interpol to do Tom’s stuff. So we get ourselves to early mass again and on are on our way to Santa Cruz by 7:30am. We’re at Interpol by 8:15 and thank god, there’s no line. We’re out in 5 minutes. We push on and get a taxi to the Archbishop’s office (Arzobispo, kind of fun to say). He’s not there to sign our forms but we get the process started and back in Montero by 10am. Laura sleeps most of the rest of the day and watches a movie, not feeling well.


Now we have our game faces on. We have to pick-up FELCC, Interpol, blood results and Archbishop’s letter each in a certain time interval and at offices spread across the city. This time Laura does NOT eat lunch in Santa Cruz and instead has some Sprite and a piece of bread brought from Montero. Tom attempts a 10 boliviano lunch only to have his glass break when he poured soda into it- the whole bottom snapped off and then his chicken isn’t cooked, still bleeding practically. He leaves the food and we walk out. Anyway, after trufis, taxis, micros (city buses), and a second trufi we get all our paperwork picked up and we’re back in Montero by 6pm. Laura is feeling MUCH better after a day of bread and Sprite.


Tom not feeling 100% (we’ve officially learned our lesson about lunches in Santa Cruz) but we get wisked away in the morning for a full day of work. Tom does some video-editing for Madre Clara while Laura attends a training conference for preschool educators and mothers. We talked nutrition, food preparation, and did crafts. Then in the afternoon I got to help out with the religious “animation” or religious education of the young people. This I think I will really enjoy! I’m going to co-lead a small group of 13-15 year old girls. The language is tough but the material is great, just talking about how to live your faith and life. That brings us up to present. Tom is feeling better, his stomach is much stronger than mine in general. And, Monday (cross your fingers) we’re going to try to turn in all of our visa papers! This won’t even be late yet which is amazing, thanks only to the other volunteers’ help and the miracles listed above worked by the sisters. I’m still expecting more roadblocks but maybe fate will cut us a break, you never know :) .

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