Arrived safely!

We arrived in St. Louis just past midnight with no problems, no bags lost and mostly healthy.  It appears Bolivia gave us both the stomach flu as a parting gift.  One of the hazards of hugging 100 beautiful little girls goodbye.  Nothing some sleep and clear fluids can’t fix though.  Pics to come… (of the parting, not the stomach flu)


3 thoughts on “Arrived safely!

  1. Tom & Laura, so glad your back safely even if you are sick. That will be gone shortly. Have a wonderful life, and praying you’ll be blessed with happiness at Christmas and through the coming year. Nancy Whites

  2. So sorry you got the stomachj flu! So a few days of clear liquids? Good luck and get some sleep. It sounds like a marathon day on Monday.
    Love you,
    Grandma and Grandpra R.
    P. S. Internet Explorer is working after an overnight hiatus without power!

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