Things to be Thankful for

After living in Bolivia for 6 months, we’ve begun to appreciate a few things more than we used to.

Things here we appreciate:

- cool, RAINY days!

- Having a mother and father

- Having all our teeth

Things back home we miss and now appreciate more:

- looking at a restaurant menu without having to weigh in your mind which option isĀ  least-likely to give you food poisoning

- watching Youtube videos without waiting 10 minutes to download

- boneless, skinless chicken breasts!

- bug-free oatmeal, rice, flour, sugar

- frozen pizza

- microwaves

- air conditioning in the summer

- heat in the winter

- hot showers

- the street you live on not smelling like feces

- free toilet paper in public bathrooms


- clothing dryer

to be continued…

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