March Highlights

March has just been flying by and so I wanted to take a minute to tell you about all the great things that have been happening here.

March 4th we celebrated the 8th birthday of our goddaughter, Carmen.  We took her and two other girls out for a nice lunch and some ice cream.  She was super excited about her new shampoo; Head and Shoulders is their favorite in the Hogar.

Then the next weekend I went on a three day retreat with another young woman from the parish center.   Most of the young people at the retreat were 15-19 years old but somehow I still had an awesome time and made new friends.  We learned lots of songs and games to do with our youth groups which is going to help me out immensely with my ‘Infancia Misionera’ group on Saturdays.  The best part of the retreat was that it was totally focused on how to be a missionary.  It was like an affirmation of the work I’m doing and a great spiritual check-in.  All in all a great time.

Finally I’m an officially certified missionary!

We also has the celebration of Dia del Padre, or Father’s Day, this past Monday.  It’s celebrated on the feast of St. Joseph.  Makes sense right?  Our god-daughter made this really sweet card for Tom.

4 thoughts on “March Highlights

  1. That is awesome how Father’s day is on the Feast of St. Joesph! I am happy to hear all is going well! :) Love and prayers to you both!

  2. Thank you for sending this beautiful story. I love that plate it is really cute. They look so happen and they are such beautiful young ladies. How are you feeling Laura? Take good care of your self and you also Tom. Nancy Whites

  3. It looks like I’m slow picking this up; Nancy responded before I could.
    Congratulations on officially becoming a missionary. Is Tom official, too?
    The birthday party sounded like fun for you and your god daughter.
    Love and prayers, Grandma and Grandpa

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