I went to prison today

So as I was getting set to do some work this morning, Madre Clara (the sister who is my boss) comes up to me and says that I should get my camera, because she needs me to video something.  It turns out, we were going to the prison in the center of town, home to about 160 inmates.  She and the institute had been working with them to get them certificates (they’re super important here…like a diploma from a vo tech school) saying that they were proficient in a few different trades.  Anyway, it turned out there was also a baptism, confirmation, and the bishop was there for it…all at once.

However, the whole time I was there, I was a bit creeped out.   I’ve never been in an American prison, much less a harsh Bolivian one.  I’m not sure of the entire setup, but it seems that there are about 4 cells for all the people.  I think that everyone has a bed in one of those cells, but they seemed pretty packed.  I took a short video of the surroundings, but its kinda short and jerky.

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