The End is Here

We are now in our last days in Bolivia.  We’ve had a whirlwind last two months, finishing up the school year, celebrating Thanksgiving, doing three god-daughter’s birthday parties and traveling for a week in Argentina.  Now we’re just packing up our bags, celebrating Madre Clara’s 25th anniversary of her religious vows, and getting on the plane.

At 10pm on Monday, December 10th we land in St. Louis and officially end our time as volunteers/missionaries.  It’s been an amazing two years, amazingly difficult and amazingly rewarding.  Since we want to enjoy the last of our time here as much as possible we haven’t been and won’t be updating the blog until we’re settled stateside.  But we promise between now and Christmas to catch you up on all the adventures and fun times we’ve had in November and December.  Thank you for reading our blog, please stay-tuned also for post-service reflections.  We’ve been told the deepest of the reverse culture shock doesn’t hit until 6 months back so check back in June if you’d like to hear how that’s going.  Off to pack, see you all in the US of A!

4 thoughts on “The End is Here

  1. Sounds like you have it all under control and will be on the plane in less than 72 hours! Hope you’ve weighed those bags. The charge will be bad enough as it is.
    Love you both, Grandma and Grandpa Riley

  2. Tom & Laura, have a very safe trip home and never forget your experience. It will be just as tough to leave as it was when you left USA. Have a wonderful life back home. Thanks for your blog I really enjoyed reading about your time in Bolivia. Love to you both, Nancy

  3. Welcome home! I am only an occasional reader of your blog but happened to think of you today. What a coincidence…today you flew back to the states. Hope you had the safest travels.

  4. Welcome back stateside, glad to hear all the travels went well. Hope you are feeling better as you read this. Happy Holidays to the both of you, enjoy. Maybe a Hackney burger this summer on the patio I’ll have the grilled cheese!! xxoo

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